January 5, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. The family consists of a father (38), mother (37), two daughters who are eight months and seven years old, and a son who is four. The family fled from Iraq to Turkey in August 2011 due to religious reasons. They lived in Turkey for one year and four months. While in Iraq the father had worked as a pharmacist for ten years. When they lived in Turkey he worked as a construction assistant. They found life in Turkey to be rough and expensive. The father is very happy to be in the United States. He feels that things seem to be very organized here. The father is also excited that his daughter is safe and can go to school. The father also has three brothers, a sister and mother who live nearby.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will visit is also from Iraq. There is a single father (34) and a son (5). The father was born in Kuwait but raised in Iraq. He was not welcomed in Iraq so they traveled to Jordan. In Jordan he worked in a grocery store and was also a certified tour guide. They have only been in Arizona for twenty-two days. They have not seen much of the area yet, but they are excited to be here. The father speaks a little English.

Eritrean FlagThe last family we will visit is from Eritrea. The family consists of a father (53), son (13) and a daughter (9).  The mother did not want to come to the United States as a refugee. We do not have more information on this family, and hope to learn more when we visit on Saturday.



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