October 1, 2011

Iraqi FlagThe first family we visited is originally from Iraq and consists of seven people. There are three young boys (infant, older toddler and very young student), mother, father, aunt and uncle. Their second floor apartment is well kept and moderate in size. The aunt and uncle live downstairs. The father was sleeping when we arrived due to a bad dental problem. When woken, he was unavailable to communicate and attempted to find a translator as none had arrived. The aunt took charge and found a neighbor to help communicate. The apartment is very clean but sparse in furniture. One of the young sons assumed we were doctors there to give him a shot and ran in fear, slamming the door on us! He eventually calmed down after we gave him a coloring book. The wife was timid in asking for items. The oldest son was in school and enjoys it. He is very close to his aunt who lives downstairs. The family lived in Syria for four years where they worked for a factory. They moved from Iraq because of the dangers it presented. Two of the children were born in Syria. The eldest son likes the United States very much. The children are in need of toys. The uncle downstairs is blind. The aunt requested a few items as well which have been separated on a list for WTAP.

Eritrean FlagThe last family we visited on is originally from Eritrea and live in a small, downstairs apartment. The family consists of three children: a male in his early teens, an older toddler male and an infant girl. The family lived in refugee camp in Ethiopia for 10 years. Both the school and work situation was slightly above average as they were allowed to work and attend school. The school age son enjoys school but is finding it is very different. The teen walks a half-hour to school each day. The family fled their country because of the violence and problems with dictatorship and tribal persecution. The family enjoyed the plane trip to the U.S. It was their first time on a plane.

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