November 17, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. This family of four consists of the father (35), mother (35), and two sons (ages 5 and 2). The family has been in Arizona six weeks. The family left Iraq for Syria in 2005 because of the war in Iraq and the lack of personal safety. The father was a painter in Iraq. In Syria he was able to obtain work as a restaurant supervisor. The mother stayed home with the children. The father hopes to find work in Arizona in the restaurant business. They have family in Turkey. Also, the wife’s sister lives in the same apartment complex in Phoenix. The five-year old son has a speech issue. The family is concerned for him, and would like help with this challenge. The mother’s hope is that in the United States her children will be well- educated, and that her family will have a better life.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will visit is also from Iraq. The family consists of the father (41), mother (40), son (12) and daughter (9). The daughter is attending school in Arizona. The son has not been cleared to attend school yet, so he is still spending his days at home. The family moved from Iraq to Syria in 2006 due to the war in Iraq. They still have family in Iraq, but no other family members live in Arizona. The father was a mechanical engineer in Iraq. The mother worked in a bank. In Syria, however, they were unable to work. The children did attend school in Syria. This family’s apartment is quite bare. Their only lighting is in the kitchen/dining area. Their young daughter would like to have a photo taken on delivery day.

The third home delivery will be to a young man (26) who is of Afghan descent but was born and raised in India. He has been in Arizona for one month. Although he arrived here on his own, his father, mother and younger brother are in the process of coming to join him.  Although they tried to seek Indian citizenship, the Indian government would not grant it to them. Without Indian citizenship, they would always have struggled and would have been considered to be outsiders forever. The father applied to the Human Rights Commission for refugee status, which was granted, enabling them to come to the United States. The process took five years. The young man found his first two weeks in Arizona to be very tough. He was very lonely. However, he has visited the local library, obtained a library card and has taken out some books. He also met a neighbor who is from Afghanistan, which eased his transition to Arizona. He is learning his way around his neighborhood which will be an asset when his family arrives. He would love to receive a guitar so he can occupy his time playing it.


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