12 Days of Adopt-a-Family 2015

The Adopt-a-Family program is an opportunity to spread good tidings by giving gifts and household staples to a newly arrived refugee family. This holiday season, 36 newly resettled refugee families have been “adopted” by volunteers. Beginning on Nov. 30th, we’re highlighting one family a day, as our “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” campaign. Saturday, Dec. 12, volunteers will meet and deliver gifts to their adopted families!

On the 12th day of #WTAP’s “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, we introduce you to a #refugee family from Iraq. The family fled Iraq after the father served as an interpreter for the U.S. Army. He and his wife have two daughters ages 2 and 9 months. They look forward to bright future in the United States

On the 11th day of #WTAP’s “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, we introduce you to a #refugee family from Burma. The family and their two young daughters, ages 3 and 8, spent 19 years in a Thai refugee camp before being resettled in the Phoenix area. The mother sold goods to support their family. The family hopes #WTAP’s volunteer elves can bring pots, pans, comforters, and toys for the two young children.

On the 10th day of ‪#‎WTAP‬’s “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, we introduce you to a ‪#‎refugee‬ family from Bhutan. After more than 20 years living in a Nepali refugee camp, the family was resettled in the Phoenix area in June. Grateful for the opportunity to provide their five-year-old son with a peaceful and stable life in Phoenix, the couple hopes #WTAP’s volunteer elves can bring them a rice cooker, warm winter blankets, winter clothing, school supplies for their son, and a bicycle and safety gear for the father to commute to work.

On the 9th day of ‪#‎WTAP‬’s “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, we introduce you to a Cuban ‪#‎refugee‬ family. Fleeing an oppressive regime, the family is happy to be resettled in Phoenix where they believe they can provide a better life for their 14-year-old daughter. The father has already started working and hopes #WTAP’s volunteer elves bring a bicycle with safety gear so he can safely commute to his job. The family is also looking for other basic necessities like sheets, towel sets, and shoes.

On the 8th day of ‪#‎WTAP‬’s “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, we introduce you to a Somali ‪#‎refugee‬ family who arrived in Phoenix in April. This single mother with two teenage children lived in a Yemen refugee camp for years before being able to come to the United States. She hopes to provide a better life for her wheelchair bound son.

On the 7th day of our “12 Days of Adopt-a-Family” countdown, our volunteer elves are preparing gifts for a large ‪#‎refugee‬ family from Burma. This very special family has four children, ranging in age from 1-15, two of which were adopted after the death of their biological parents. The family resettled in Phoenix only two months ago and is slowly adjusting to their new American life.

On the 6th day of Adopt-a-Family, ‪#‎Santa‬ and his helpers are preparing a visit for an extended family from the Democratic Republic of ‪#‎Congo‬. This family of seven is headed by the Grandmother and her brother and consists of her three children and two grandchildren aged 3 and 1. After her husband’s death, the Grandmother took her family and fled the violence where they became refugees in Burundi. She worked as a farmer while her children attended school for nearly a decade before resettlement in Phoenix. They are hopeful for the opportunities a life in the US affords. Santa and his helpers hope to give them a warm welcome and a big boost this season!

On the 5th day of Adopt-a-Family, ‪#‎Santa‬ and his helpers are thinking of a family from ‪#‎Burma‬. This family of eight with children aged 21 to seven arrived in Phoenix last January. They fled their home in 2006 due to ethnic and religious persecution and sought refuge in Thailand for nearly a decade before being approved for resettlement in the United States. The father is now employed as a greenkeeper and is happy to be able to provide for his family and grateful for the opportunities life in their new home will provide for their children.

On the 4th day of Adopt-a-Family, ‪#‎Santa‬ and his helpers are preparing ‪#‎gifts‬ for a family from ‪#‎Iraq‬. The father and mother of eight children were farmers before the war destroyed their home and land. They became refugees and were resettled in Phoenix in July. The children, aged 20 all the way down to one, are learning English, and the whole family is working through the trauma of the war that took their homes and their livelihood. Santa and his helpers are hoping to provide them a boost this year that will help them smile.

On the 3rd day of Adopt-a-Family, #Santa and WTAP are thinking about a #refugee family consisting of a mother and father and their two children aged 9 and 3. They fled violence in their home country of #Colombia in 2012 and were just resettled in Phoenix in March of this year. They have finally found full time work and have grateful to be able to provide for their families now. Santa’s elves are working hard to make sure they receive a warm holiday welcome this season as they start out on their new lives here in Phoenix.

On this the 2nd day of our 12 Days of Adopt-a-Family countdown, #Santa and his elves are preparing gifts for a #refugee family from Somalia. This family consists of a widowed mother struggling to raise six children on her own. The children are aged 12 through 1 and they are all slowly adapting to American life since arriving in late September. WTAP is excited to partner with Santa to make sure they feel welcome and that they have a very happy holiday this year.

On the first day of Adopt-a-Family…
Our volunteer elves are working hard to prepare a surprise for a family from #Syria. This family fled war-torn Syria some time ago and lived in a camp in Thailand until they were resettled in Phoenix August 31. The father and mother have new-found hope to start over in their Arizona home and are eager for their four children aged 11, 9, 4, and 3 to receive an education.

Thanks to the generous Adopt-a-Family delivery day support from First Bank!

The refugee families we welcome have been legally resettled in the Phoenix area. Participants in the Adopt-a-Family program have not previously received any services from The Welcome to America Project. These new members of our communities have escaped extreme hardship and dangerous situations, spending years in limbo often in refugee camps, so that they can provide a future for their families. We’re honored to serve them.

Happy Holidays!

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