December 31, 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe first family we will visit is a large family of seven from Zaire (currently the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The family consists of two older parents, two teens, one preteen, and one elementary school age child (who is already enrolled in school). The elder teenage speaks French. Their modestly sized apartment is located atop a twisting staircase on the third floor. This family is so new to the United States they are unfamiliar with basics of daily living such as laundry and phone use. They are in need of phone service. Their travels took them from the Congo, to Uganda, to Rwanda and finally to the United States. The situation in Rwanda was very difficult. They had limited ability to work and to go to school. The family has an animal farming background. They like the U.S. so far, but find it very cold in Phoenix. This is a problem because they lack winter clothing. The Mother, Father, and son all have very welcoming demeanors. They are very thankful for our services.

Cuban FlagThe second family we will visit is originally from Cuba where the father was a pastor and the wife a student. They live in a clean, tidy second story apartment with lots of sunlight. The stairs are a steep climb. They felt there was no future in Cuba and this instigated their move. The journey first took them to Italy where the wife migrated to be with relatives. Her husband later moved with her and spent a year there. The wife was in Italy about five years total. The economic system in Italy made it difficult for employment, but they did find the language much easier. The wife is pregnant (about 3-4 months) and the couple is quite happy. In Cuba the wife studied computers. The husband currently has a part-time job roofing but does not have adequate winter clothing for the job. The wife has relatives is both Texas and California and the husband’s brother and sister are about to arrive in Phoenix. They will stay with them for an indefinite period of time. Their hope is to get items for the baby as well. They do not yet know the sex.

Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe last family we will visit consists of two small pre-school boys and their mother who are originally from Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The mother is very young and shy. She lives in a small, modest apartment with an attached kitchen and some small rooms. The family’s journey took them from the Congo to Rwanda. She was a refugee in Rwanda for five years. This young mother has a lot on her plate with two very small children. The eldest will soon enter kindergarten. Mom could use household supplies and needs education on how local systems work.

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