January 28, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will deliver to is from Iraq, where they were personally threatened because of their employer’s connection with the United States Army. The family of four traveled to the U.S. via Egypt where they lived for the last seven and half years. They were not permitted to work in Egypt, so they applied for the Refugee program and are enthusiastic about their life in the United States. The father has worked with a general contracting company specializing in mechanics. The mother has worked as an English teacher and interpreter and also volunteered for a refugee resettlement legal aid NGO. Their sons are bright and intelligent and are hoping to finish their higher education. The family is hoping to be able to find work so they can be productive members of society.

Iraqi FlagThe second family we will deliver to are a young couple from Iraq who have a six year old son. Their journey took them from Iraq to Turkey, where they lived in a UN Refugee camp for a year, then to Missouri and finally to Arizona. They fled Iraq because of general security concerns. The husband has worked with the military in the air defense manufacturing side. The wife has worked as an Arabic teacher and both like it very much. The son enjoys school and friends in his kindergarten class and the family look forward to their life here in the US.

Bhutanese FlagThe third home we will deliver to consists of a single female from Bhutan who is kind and friendly. The Bhutanese government expelled many of Nepalese descent and thus she fled to a refugee camp in Nepal and lived there for 19 years. There were little educational and other opportunities at the camp but she was thankful for her safety. She has been in the US for a month and likes her life here so far. Her brother lives very close to her place and she is eager to start a new life here. She would like a television and computer if possible to start learning English.

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