March 3, 2012

Burmese FlagThe first family we will visit consists of a mother and four children. The three daughters ages 17, 12 and nine attend school and are learning English quickly. The son is an energetic one year old. Due to a recent separation, the mother and children moved to a new apartment with absolutely no furniture. Originally the mother lived in Burma and worked on a rice farm. From Burma she went to a refugee camp in Thailand where she lived for 18 years before arriving here in 2010. When asked what she misses about Burma she replied “Nothing, I am happy to be here!” Her hopes for the children are that they receive a good education and make a good life for themselves. There is also a 20 year old son who works and lives on a farm and visits when possible. The family has the support of a sister who lives in the same apartment complex.

Burmese FlagThe second family we will visit is from Burma and consists of a young couple and their one year old child. Due to hardship in Burma, the father left for Malaysia in 2007 and called his wife to accompany him two years later. They lived a hard life in Malaysia because of their undocumented status, until two months ago, when they were able to relocate to Arizona. The father has had some interviews and looks forward to working. The mother stays home with the son and is pregnant with their second child. Their dream is to have money for a comfortable life for themselves and to be able to send money to their families back in Burma. The mother is in need of clothes for herself (size small although she will be growing with her pregnancy) and for the one year old boy.

Somali FlagThe last family consists of a young widow who lives with her sister and her three daughters (ages four, two and one). The two sisters are originally from Somalia but moved to Uganda at a young age, so they don’t remember much about their country of origin. The sister with the three adorable daughters is pregnant. The two women speak English and seem to have made some friends in the area. They hope to enroll the children in school when age appropriate, get jobs, and continue living together to support each other.

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