Flag_of_Iran.svgThis 25 year old man arrived on August 27th.  He is originally from Iran where his family are fruit tree farmers.  One of his jobs was a disc jockey where he played dance music at parties.  He left Iran and lived in Turkey for two and a half years.  He said he worked very hard in a ceramic factory to make ends meet.  He has a sister and nephew that continue living in Turkey.  Since he has arrived in Arizona he says life has been uneventful.  He just started English classes and wants to find a job.  He would like to return to farming eventually.  He lives with a roommate from Africa he did not know prior to this living arrangement.  Neither speak much English, so communication between them is tough.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis is a family from Afghanistan who arrived just 3 weeks ago directly from Kabul.  The father taught English as a profession prior to working for US forces.  After working for the US forces, he and his family were in danger and needed to leave their home very quickly.  They have left many family members behind and hope they will be able to have them come to the US at some point too.  The girls, ages 6 & 7, will be starting school soon.  They are very excited but nervous to learn English.    The family has a couple of friends from Afghanistan living here already and they enjoy seeing them when their friends are not working.  The father is excited to start working and will do any job that is available.  At some point he would like to go to school to study another trade.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis family comes from Afghanistan and arrived here about 1 month ago after being in danger due to the father working for numerous American organizations in a variety of roles.  One of the companies he worked for was in charge of cutting down the poppy fields which supplies the heroin drug trade. The father’s boss for his last job, arranged for them to come to the United States in order to get out of danger. The girls are ages 5 and 3.  The 5 year old has just started school and is very excited about being in school.  They have lots of family members left in Afghanistan and hope to be able to reunite with them one day.  They are able to call their family members which makes them very happy.  Their favorite thing about being in the US is feeling more secure and safe.

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