Family Bios: August 19, 2017

We’ll meet a 28 year old from Congo. He left with his family because of the war and accompanying violence. They fled to Rwanda in 1996 and stayed in the refugee camp until 2015, when they were accepted to come to the United States. They settled in Illinois, where his family continues to live. He decided to come to Arizona with a friend in March 2017. He lives in a studio apartment and bought himself an air mattress to sleep on. He figured out public transportation and quickly found a job. He loves soccer.  He misses his family. He is appreciative for the help from WTAP.


We’ll meet a family from Afghanistan. The father (37) came to the U.S. in 2006 for special training to work with the U.S. army. As he continued his work in Afghanistan, he and his family began receiving threats on their lives. Life was too dangerous to reamin. This year, he relocated to Arizona with his wife (31) and their six children, ages 3 to 12. With exception of the youngest, the children have started school and are enjoying it. (The youngest is sad to see them go off to school and wants to go with them each morning.) The parents are grateful that the children will be able to get a good education. Dad is looking for a job. The thing they miss the most from their country are the family members that remain in Afghanistan.

And we will meet a family from Iraq. The mother (42) lost her husband and fled with her two children to Turkey, where they lived for two years. The family arrived to Arizona in August of 2016. Her son is 18, going to school and working part time. Her daughter is 15 and attending school. She also has a son in Turkey and three in Germany. Mom is scheduled for surgery the end of August.