Family Bios: December 16, 2017

We will visit a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They arrived in Phoenix from refugee camp in Tanzania in mid September.  The husband, age 24, lived in this camp since 1996. He met and married his wife there as she was also a refugee.  Their son, age 2 ,was born in a refugee camp in Tanzania.  The couple fled as children to Tanzania because of the war raging in their country.  The family were farmers, cultivating fields before moving to the United States.  Their families remain in Tanzania but the husband does have some relatives in Phoenix.  Their immediate goal is to learn English and to find a job, “any job” he says,  so that he can support his family.  He remarked that he was very grateful that the WTAP had come to visit him and to help his family with furnishing their home.


We will also visit a family from Afghanistan who consists of a husband, age 33, his wife, age 32, a son, age 4, and a daughter, age 2.  They arrived in Phoenix in July and they were given political refugee status because the husband had worked for the US military.  Because of his work, the family’s life was in danger as the Taliban threatened them frequently.  The threats were all too real – – a bomb was planted behind their home.  The wife said that she was afraid even to take her children outside of the home.  She mentioned that the children were traumatized by their experiences in Afghanistan and are still afraid when they see a police car now.  Education is very important to this family.  The husband has a university degree with a major in English and the wife graduated from high school.  Her dream is to become a dentist, and her husband would like to become a college professor.  The husband was not at home for the interview as he has been working for the past month in a furniture store.  They are both happy that they are now living in a safe environment for their children where they hope the family members will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.


This family is from Cuba and came to Phoenix in April.  They lived with husband’s brother until they moved into their own residence two months ago.  The family includes a husband, age 45, a wife, age 37, a daughter, age 9, and a son, age 2  They left Cuba because. they wanted to provide a better future for their children.  In Cuba, the husband was a farmer, and his wife worked in a cultural center.  The husband is currently employed in landscaping, and his wife worked recently as a cook.   The daughter enjoys school, and her dream is to become a lawyer or a doctor.  The mother’s goals for her  family are to find  good employment for her husband and herself and to provide opportunities for her children so that they can progress  in their lives.