A Life-Changing Eagle Scout Project

Submitted by Max Thomas

My name is Max Thomas, I am 13 years old, and I am part of Boy Scout Troop 6. The highest rank in Boy Scouts is Eagle Scout; to be an Eagle, you need to complete a community service project. Last summer, I was working on finding an Eagle Project at the same time I was volunteering with WTAP. After spending time looking for projects, I decided that I should ask WTAP if I could do anything for them. Megan (the executive director of WTAP) gladly accepted my offer and told me about their Clothing Closet at the Serrano Village apartments.

The Clothing Closet is an apartment filled with clothes that refugees can take. These refugees usually only have the clothes on their backs. WTAP kindly worked with me through the planning of my project. For my project, I worked alongside other Troop 6 volunteers, and we built shelving and storage units for the Clothing Closet, and we reorganized the closet space. We even had enough money left over from my fundraising efforts to build 15 tables for refugee families! Working with WTAP has genuinely been one of the best experiences of my life.

Arizona Eagle Scouts

Volunteering with WTAP, not only for my project but for weekly deliveries too, has been very rewarding. The refugees we help couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve also found that when doing weekly deliveries, I really connect with other cultures. The staff and volunteers at WTAP have been more than nice, always working as a team, with smiles on their faces. My family and I are looking forward to volunteering for deliveries again on January 7. I can’t wait to help!

Max Thomas Arizona Eagle Scouts

Max Thomas Arizona Eagle Scouts

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