A Warm Welcome Goes a Long Way

Submitted by Saad

Shortly after our arrival to the USA, my mother, sister and I received a wonderful welcome from The Welcome to America Project.

We first received a visit from them to check our furniture needs and to get information on our journey to Phoenix. Just two weeks later, a group of 20 volunteers of all ages came to our home bringing much more than we expected.

Warm WelcomeWhat was really interesting was the warm, welcoming comments we received along with their readiness to help. This gave us a push of hope and encouraged us never to give up. They proved to us that life is still good and helped us overcome our suffering.

We love being here in Phoenix, especially its warm weather, which we are used to because it is quite similar to the weather of Iraq. Although starting life in a new country is not easy, we are adapting to the new situation, appreciating the great opportunity we had to stay alive and safe.

We think WTAP is doing a great job helping the newcomers to Phoenix find their way in their new lives. Thank you to the volunteers who help make this possible.

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Saad is a refugee from Iraq who lived in Jordan with his family for seven years then resettled to the US in 2009. Here is his story.

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