April 11, 2015

Flag of Syria.svg   The first family we will visit consists of a woman and her brother from Syria. The woman, her two daughters and her brother moved to the United States on 1/20/15. They lefthad their home in Syria one and a half years before. They lived in Turkey while they waited to come to the United States. The eldest daughter worked as a secretary in Syria to help her mother out and to pay to send her sister to college. The younger sister studied physics in college. We hope that their level of education will help them find good jobs as they adjust to life in their new home.

Flag of Myanmar.svg    Flag of Indonesia.svg    The second household we will visit consists of a couple from Burma and Indonesia, and their three children (ages 13, 8 and 7). The father is originally from Burma but he has lived in Malaysia for twenty-two years. His wife is originally from Indonesia. The children are enjoying school and learning English. The father worked as a certified plumber in Malaysia. He would like to use his plumbing skills in the States but he is willing to do any work to support his family. His dream is to start his own business here eventually.

Flag of Somalia.svg   The third family we will visit consists of a couple from Somalia and their four children. The couple moved their family to Ethiopia to flee the civil war in their country. They lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia for eleven years. In the refugee camp they felt safe but had very little to do. The two oldest children were able to attend school while they lived in the refugee camp. They arrived in the United States on March 10th 2015.  The children are already attending school in Arizona, and the whole family is learning English. The husband worked in a warehouse where he loaded and unloaded trucks. He is looking for any available work to support his family.



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