April 13, 2013

Ethiopian FlagA family we will visit this week consists of a young couple from Ethiopia. He is twenty-three years old and she is twenty-eight years old. The wife is having some health issues. They are a very friendly young couple. They will be grateful for any help they receive. This couple has made a good friend who has helped them adjust to their new life in Arizona, since they arrived here three months ago.

Iraqi FlagAnother family we will visit is a family of four. The husband and wife are both thirty three years old. They have two sons, one who is four and another who is one year old. The husband is originally from Iraq. He lived and worked in Jordan for eighteen years. He met his wife in Jordan, where they were married and started their family. They both speak English and they are very friendly. The husband was a painter in Jordan and would like to work again soon. They arrived in the United States in November and were settled in Arizona. The couple had friends in New York. They decided to move to New York to be with their friends, and they gave away any possessions they could not take with them. They were disillusioned by their friends and decided to return to Arizona. They are starting again with very little in their apartment, and will benefit greatly from WTAP donations.

Bhutanese FlagThe last family is Bhutanese. The family consists of a husband who is twenty-six and a wife who is twenty seven years old along with their one year old daughter. The husband’s sixty-five year old mother who also lives in the home and is part of their family. Before they came to the United States the family lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for twenty one years where the living conditions were not good. The husband and wife speak English they learned in the camp. They have some family who live near them offer support. They also have brothers and sisters in Massachusetts, Missouri, and some who remain in Nepal. They arrived in Arizona the sixteenth of October. The husband is working at the airport and he likes his job.



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