April 2, 2011

Bhutanese FlagOur first family is from Bhutan. There is a husband, wife and their 3-year-old daughter, and the sister of the wife. The adults were small children when they had to move from Bhutan to a Nepal refugee camp, so they didn’t remember why they had to move or very much about the move itself. They arrived on January on this year. No one has been able to find work here, yet. The husband has masonry skills. They are finding it difficult living here without knowing the language and are looking forward to having a volunteer help them from the American Friend program.

Bhutanese FlagOur second family is also from Bhutan. When we arrived, only the father was home. The mother was at a class and the teenage boy and girl were at school. The father was 16 years old when he fled Bhutan with his grandfather, brother, uncle, and aunt. The government believed his father had been a part of some demonstrations and wanted proof of his whereabouts. The family had no idea where the father was. The government made the family leave Bhutan and they spent the next 20 years in a Refugee camp in Nepal. They had 8 people living in their small hut. Food was always scarce.

Iranian FlagOur third family is from Iran. They were discriminated against because of their religion, and were not allowed to go to the university after high school. The family decided after their son had finished high school that the mother and 3 children would go to Turkey. They lived in Turkey for 8-9 months before arriving here last November. There is a 22-year-old daughter, 18-year-old son, and 11-year-old daughter. The oldest daughter enjoys baking. The son plays the santoor and has been playing for the last 3 years. The youngest daughter likes to draw.

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