April 20, 2013

Haitian flagOne family to whom we will deliver  consists of two brothers who are from Haiti. One is thirty-six years old and the other is thirty-four years old. They arrived in Arizona two weeks ago after first seeking asylum in the Dominican Republic,  and later in Mexico. Neither of these situations was adequate for them, so they were very happy to be given the opportunity to come to the United States. Their life in Haiti was a dangerous one. There were many kidnappings and shootings in their area, and when they tried to get relief by calling the police, things got no better. Then they found themselves in trouble for even calling the police and they decided they needed to flee. Their father remains in Haiti with two other brothers, but they do have a sister in the U.S. who is living in Florida. They are hopeful that she can join them soon in Arizona. Their mother recently passed away in Haiti. These two young men speak English well and they also speak Spanish. They were both high school teachers in Haiti. They are very personable young men and are appreciative of the help that both Catholic Charities and Welcome to America are offering them. Their apartment is relatively large and clean, but they have only the bare basics. They will need almost anything that WTAP can provide for them. They have attended a Baptist church service and have met some other Haitians, but they are anxious to be able to communicate further. They do not have a cell phone. They would appreciate help in locating their local library. Because of their excellent language ability and outgoing personalities, their chances of finding employment in Arizona should be good.

Cuban FlagAnother family to whom we will deliver is from Cuba. The family consists of a fifty-two year old father, a twenty-nine year old mother, and a ten month old son. They arrived in Arizona on March twentieth after traveling for forty days on a bus from Chile, which was an intermediate stop after leaving Cuba. The father was a welder by trade in Cuba. It was the family’s dream to come to the United States. They were forced to leave Cube because of political danger. The Cuban community in this apartment complex has been very generous, so the family was able to borrow a bed, a TV and some baby equipment. These items will need to be returned after the WTAP delivery, however, so their need for furniture and home accessories is still great. A full range of baby equipment will also be needed. The baby boy is healthy, happy and well-cared for by his parents. The parents  are working to pick up English vocabulary to better adjust to their new life in Arizona.

Cuban FlagA third family we will visit is also from Cuba. This family consists of a single mother who is forty-nine, a daughter who is fifteen and a son who is ten years old. The mother left Cuba in 1998 spent time in Bolivia and Argentina before coming here. She worked as a singer and a care giver in Argentina, which she enjoyed very much. She plans to find a caregiver job here. The mother is glad to be in a stable place. The family arrived in Arizona in February. The children are attending school and the mother is taking English classes at the local grade school. She is also on the waiting list for the local college.



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