April 25, 2015

800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThis first family is actually two and both has a lot to celebrate, the mother is 46 and used to be a gynecologist in Cuba. After a mission trip to Venezuela and Colombia and a stint in Miami she ended up in Phoenix sharing an apartment with another woman on the same mission who is a dentist. She has worked hard with 22 years of practice in Cuba and is looking forward to starting a new life here. She is even more excited to be welcoming her husband (also a doctor) and son who just arrived the night before. Her roommate was recently reunited with her son who is 11. Both sons first asked about how much a soccer ball would be so that they can save up for one. So far, she is working at a hotel and trying to work on her English. 


800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThe second family is a pair of sisters one is 47 and the other is 26. The eldest is a doctor while the youngest is a dentist. As it turns out they were both on the same mission trip from Cuba as the first family members. So far both of the sisters are working and are patiently awaiting their daughters (5 and 6 years old) and the younger sister’s husband to come. Currently the daughters are living with their mother. The sisters love music! The older sister likes almost everything except rap, which the younger sister enjoys. 


Somalian FlagAll with different stories and backgrounds, the third family is actually made up of 5 individual men in their later 20’s early 30’s from Somalia. Two of the men currently have jobs. Each gentleman has their own unique story about how they got to Phoenix. Interestingly enough, they all made their way to Malta before settling down here. One man’s journey took 9 years while others took about 4 to 5 years. The one whose journey took the longest has a 10 year old and a wife still in Somalia. He misses them and hopes to be reunited at some point. These 5 men act like brothers, creating their own unique family here in the valley. 

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