April 4, 2011

Burmese FlagThis week’s first family comes from Burma, a mother and her 20-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. The mother farmed in Burma, but because of the violence there, the family fled to Thailand where they stayed in a refugee camp for eight years. Living in the camp was difficult as there was no work and they were forced to stay inside of the camp at all times. In Thailand, the daughter was able to attend school and had many friends. Their journey to the United States was exciting, but very long. Life in America is nice, but the family feels that they do not have many activities yet to keep them busy, especially as they do not have any transportation and it is difficult to move around the city. The daughter will be starting school soon and hopes to learn and work on her English. Her brother is already in school.

Burmese FlagThe second family is also from Burma. This family is larger, a mother, father, as well as 3 children ages 16, 12, and 8. In Burma the family farmed, but they were forced to leaveBurma for Thailand where they lived in a camp for 16 years. The father hopes to go to school in America. In Thailand, he tried to go to school in the camp, but the teacher was not dependable and class was not held regularly. Their journey to America was very long, they took five different planes to get here and it took 24 hours. The family is happy in America and the children are happy to be in school.

Iraqi FlagThe final family, a mother and her two sons, are from Iraq. In Iraq, the mother worked in a hospital which was also used by the United States military. As she came into contact with Americans at work, this put her in danger and she and her family were threatened. Eventually, the family was forced to leave Iraq. Life here is difficult for the family as they do not yet have work. The youngest son is currently attending school.

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