April 6, 2013

Iraqi FlagOne family we will deliver to is originally from Iraq. The father immigrated to Kuwait as a young man and the children were born in Kuwait. His children have spent time in Kuwait and as refugees in Jordan. The mother and father are originally from Iraq and left because of the war. The father worked for a cigarette company in Kuwait. Their life was stable during the time when their three children were born. The father’s visa expired during the war with Iraq so he was not allowed to stay in Kuwait. The family lived in Kuwait for thirteen years and then moved to Jordan for another decade. The conditions in Jordan were quite different because they had no rights. They had no right to work nor to attend school which put a huge financial burden on the family. The family faced discrimination in Jordan. They are very new to Phoenix but like it very  much. The father often explores the community. This family is fortunate because an older son and their grandchildren live in the same complex. The family lives in a moderate sized two bedroom apartment on the second floor. This couple has two sons who live at home, one who is college age and another young high school age. The boys need all the items typical of young men, including backpacks. The father also needs a bicycle. Their first request was for a TV and a microwave. This is a very gracious and welcoming family.

Burmese FlagAnother family we will deliver to consists of a husband (24), wife (22) and the wife’s sister age (20) from Burma. They arrived in Arizona from Thailand where they lived for eight years. The couple met and married in Thailand. The husband speaks English and taught Science and English. They are very happy to be here and look forward to a long life in Arizona.

Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe last family we will deliver to is originally from the Congo but spend time in Burundi before coming to the United States. Their second floor apartment is in the middle of two stairways and is moderate to small in size. This is a family of five, and they are expecting their six member to arrive shortly (the mom is five months pregnant). Two of the children are preschool age and are slightly smaller than one would expect because of their former living conditions and the food supply. This family is extremely new to the United States which is reflected in their shyness. They had a very tough journey to the United States. The father is of two races and essentially two different tribes. The two tribes are in the middle of an ethnic war, which made his survival near impossible. He and the family were targeted by warring parties. They were also targeted in the refugee camp due to his mixed ethnicity. The family had been on long list to migrate to the USA previously. Although their number came up before, they were denied the opportunity to emigrate because the mother was five months pregnant with another son and was not allowed to travel by plane. This delayed their journey for another couple years. Their young son is full of energy. The children do not have any toys. Both young children could use bicycles sized for preschool aged children. This family has had a long and hard journey to the USA. The family requests clothing for the children. They could use girl’s clothing for a five year old and boy’s clothing for a three year old. The father also needs bicycle for transportation and to look for work. He is an average to tall man in size. Although WTAP does not provide them; the family is in desperate need of a cell phone. The father has extensive experience driving heavy equipment and trucks. This skill and experience should help him greatly in his effort to find work in Arizona.


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