April 7, 2012

Bhutanese FlagThe first family we will visit consists of a 23 year old man and his wife who is 19 years old. Their country of origin is Bhutan. The husband left Bhutan when he was one year old and spent most of his life in Nepal. He studied to be a teacher and learned some English while in Nepal. He said Nepal is a beautiful country, but there are no jobs. Also, government permission is required to move from place to place. His family, along with several other families, was able to save and buy a solar oven to cook meals. The wife made bags, hats and crochet items to sell in Nepal markets. She now has a job in a nearby hotel. The husband is looking for work and would like to go to school and become a social worker. He is so thankful and excited to be here. He looks forward to having his father, mother and younger brother with him.

Iraqi FlagThe second family consists of an Iraqi mom and dad and their one-year-old daughter. In Iraq, the husband worked in a factory that made cement blocks. The wife stayed home. They left all their belongings behind and fled to Turkey for over a year before relocating to Arizona. They are expecting a baby boy in a few weeks. The husband will attend English classes and look for work. The wife speaks English and is looking forward to being able to drive as she said women do not drive in Iraq.

Iraqi FlagThe last family we will visit is also from Iraq. The father, age 55, was a coffee shop manager in Iraq. They left Iraq for Turkey where they stayed one year before relocating to Arizona. The mother (48) likes to sew and would love to have a sewing machine. Their daughter (19) attended law school in Bagdad and plans to continue her studies in the U.S. Her brother arrived with his family several months before them and lives nearby.

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