April4. 2014

Flag of Iran.svg   The first family we will visit is a family of three from Iran. The husband is thirty-two years old and the wife is thirty-eight years old. They have one daughter who is fourteen years old. The family left Iran due to problems with the Iranian government so they fled to Turkey. The father worked as a filmmaker making documentaries. The family arrived in Phoenix January 14 2015. The husband and wife are currently attending college and the daughter attends public school. They are learning to speak English and would like to complete their education. They are looking for work in any position. The husband would like to work in filmmaking, because that his is area of expertise and the wife enjoys sewing.

Flag of Somalia.svg  We will also visit a family that consists of a mother and son from Somalia. The mother is fifty-five years old and the son is seventeen years old. The family fled Somalia in 2010 because of the civil war. They fled to a refugee camp in Ethiopia where they lived for four years. The husband abandoned the family nineteen  years ago. This mother and son arrived in Phoenix  on January 15, 2015. The son attends high school and the mother is looking for any job she can find.. The son likes to play soccer. The mother has a brother in who lives in Phoenix, along several nieces, which will make their adjustment to their new home much easier.

Flag of Somalia.svg    We will also visit a family of ten from Somalia. The father is thirty -eight years old. The family has six sons (ages 15, 14, 13, 12,  7 and 5) and two daughters (ages 11 and 10). The mother came to the United States earlier with their eleven year old daughter who needs heart surgery. The fathearler came to Phoenix with the seven other children on January 22, 2015. In Somalia the father and mother worked in retail. All of their children are currently attending public school. The father and mother would like to work in any position available. The wife had a job but she was laid off recently. The family’s favorite sport is soccer and they love to play in a local park. The wife is preparing for her citizenship test. They have no relatives in the U.S., but they are enthusiastic about their new life here.

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