August 10, 2013

Central African RepublicWe will deliver household goods, furniture, and personal items to three families this week. The families are all related, and all come from the Central African Republic. They live in the same apartment complex and are close to each other. The first family includes a mother (53), two sons (26 and) and two sisters (17 and 3). The second apartment houses this family’s son (30), his wife (23) and two sons (3 and 1). The third apartment houses a father (62), mother (57), two sons (20 and 18) and three daughters (14, 11 and 9).

The family were farmers in Central African Republic. In 2002 they moved to Chad due to the war in their home country and because the father needed eye surgery. In May they arrived in Phoenix after a turbulent flight, which was their first time on an airplane. The father has six adult married children in Chad who will stay there. The family has been in Arizona for only two months, and they are still becoming accustomed to their new life here. Their first priority is to learn English and then to find work. The two adult sons are already attending English classes. When they lived in their home country the family heard about many things to see and do in the United States. However, they are still adjusting to life here, and have not seen much yet. This family loves Arizona and they are happy to be here together. They look forward to exploring more of the United States as soon as they are able to!


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