August 11, 2012

Iraqi FlagOur first visit will be to two lovely sisters, who are 28 and 29 years old. They are originally from Iraq. In 2006 their father was kidnapped. After he was released they feared for their lives, so they fled to Jordan. When they were in Iraq both sisters worked in a bank. One was an IT assistant and the other worked in the corporate office. Life in Jordan was very hard. They had to pay $3.00 per person per day to stay in Jordan or $50,000 to legalize their status. Because they could not pay either amount they had to go into hiding. The sisters were granted refugee status, and were able to come to Arizona. Their parents are still in Jordan, and they hope one day their parents will be allowed to join them in Arizona. They also have a married brother who is still in Iraq. They speak English very well. They are excited to be here, but they are afraid of what the future holds without jobs. They are anxious to find employment soon, to make the most of their opportunities in the United States.

Burmese FlagThe second family we will visit is from Burma. There is a husband (56), a wife (55), and a daughter (20). There is also a little grandson who is one year old. The husband and daughter are both taking English classes. The family spent 20 years in a refugee camp. They will need the usual household items.  It would also be nice to receive some items appropriate for a one year old boy – such as toys or clothing.


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