August 17, 2013

Iraqi FlagOne family we will visit is from Iraq. The family consists of a father (43) mother (39), two daughters (8 and 16), and a son (12). They fled Iraq six months ago and arrived in Arizona in February. They find life in Arizona to be a little difficult and hot, however they are glad to be here. The father is working in order fulfillment for shipping. The father worked as an accountant in Iraq, while the mom stayed home. The wife hopes her mother will arrive soon from Iraq. Both of the parents are taking English classes, while the children are enrolled in school.  They are very happy to have met friends here.

Cuban FlagAnother family to whom we will deliver household and personal items is from Cuba. This family is made up of a father (47), mother (24), daughter (4) and the mother’s sister (11). They fled Cuba in June and arrived here in July by way of Havana, Miami and then Arizona. The Father has two sisters who arrived in Arizona earlier. They were granted refugee status due to persecution in their home country. The father owned a restaurant in Cuba and the wife was a homemaker.

Iranian FlagThe last family we will visit consists of two single men who are thirty-two and thirty-seven years old, respectively. The gentlemen fled Iran in 2009 for political reasons. They stayed in Turkey until June 13th and arrived here June 19th.  One of the men has a mother and a married brother in Iran and two brothers in Turkey. He would love to bring his mother here. That gentleman worked as a firefighter in Iran. He also had his own business selling makeup and accessories. He worked on a farm and did construction work when he was living in Turkey. They will be starting English class soon to help them assimilate to their new life in Arizona.


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