August 18, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq, and includes a mother (39), a son (13) and a daughter (12). The family left Iraq in 2005 because they did not feel secure in their country due to the violence the country was experiencing. They lived in Jordan until 2012, and then came to the United States. The family arrived in Arizona in July of this year. The children attended school while they were living in Jordan. However, the mother did not work in Jordan. They left behind family in Jordan. The mother is very pleasant and feels that things are good here in Arizona. The children are looking forward to starting school in their new country.

Iraqi FlagThe second family we will visit is also from Iraq, and consists of a father (31), a mother (30) and a young son (1). It took three years from the time the family applied for refugee status until their arrival here in Arizona. The father is an electrical engineer who is very well educated. He worked as an engineer for the United States army in Iraq for five years. The mother is also well educated, with a degree in computer science.  The father’s parents arrived in Phoenix one year ago. The grandparents live at a different apartment complex, but it is good to have family in town to help with the adjustment to a new life in Phoenix. The father speaks English very well, while the mother is looking forward to taking English classes.
Democratic Republic of Congo flagThe final family we will visit is from Congo, Africa. The family consists of a mother (37) and three daughters (16, 12, and 4). The family shares a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment. The 16-year old daughter has already started school. The twelve year old daughter has not started school yet, but she has a good command of English.  Her adjustment to school in Arizona may be a little easier than that of a student who has a language barrier. The mother is working at a local bakery, and is able to get around town to run errands for her family.


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