August 22, 2009

Iraqi FlagOur first family is from Iraq. They are a 47 year old mother and her 16 year old son. They have been here for 25 days. Her father was killed by Saddam and her daughter and husband were killed by Iraqis. She and her son then fled to Jordan and she remarried, but her new husband did not like her son and treated her badly. They divorced.

Her son left school after the third grade, but he can read Arabic and English and looks forward to going to school here. He needs a gift card from Payless shoes. He also needs school clothes and supplies. He would greatly appreciate a soccer ball. She would like a walker and some 4X clothing, a microwave and a vacuum.

Somali FlagOur second family is from Somalia and consists of a 35 year old man and his 29 year old wife. When he was 18, he fled with his parents to Kenya. There they lived in a refugee camp for 17 years. He met and married his wife there and they have three daughters ages 11, 8 and 1. They also have a 4 year old son. He worked as a porter and is ready to go to work here. They have been here for 25 days. The children will be starting school next week. They would appreciate having a TV, a computer, vacuum cleaner, microwave and a high chair.

Iraqi FlagOur third family is from Baghdad, Iraq and consists of a 57 year old man, his 47 year old sister and his 82 year old mother. He owned a farm and a date factory in Bagdad. He fled because of the war. Also his neighbors threatened him and turned off the water to his farm. His home was destroyed. His elder brother also fled and lives in Indiana with his wife. His younger brother lives in Syria. He is trying to sell his property in Iraq but says the government just destroys and then takes things.

His dream is to have dignity and peace here. Next week he will be starting a volunteer job with ASU and their date palm projects. He is also going to do English interpretation work. He may even start his own business here with date processing.

He is frustrated not having a car for transportation. He is not real happy with his present living situation but is a grateful man for what they do have. He wants to improve his life and situation here.

Their needs were many, but he especially would like a love seat, two chairs, a TV and stand, vacuum cleaner, toaster oven, clothes tree, ironing board and desk. They have been here for 45 days.

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