August 25, 2012

Iranian FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iran. The family consists of a father (41), a mother (42) and a 13 year old son. They left Iran, due to religious reasons, in 2010. They fled to Turkey where the father worked as a welder for one month. He was not paid for his work. The family then applied for refugee status and had to wait for 20 months for their background check to clear. They came to Phoenix via France, Germany, and Dallas. They have a 21 year old daughter and son in law who already live here. The son in law will be interpreting on day that we deliver household items to this family. The 13 yr old has already started school. He loves basketball. The family is excited to be near their daughter. They are also looking forward to finding employment in Phoenix.

Cuban FlagThe second family we will visit is from Cuba. The family consists of a husband (48) and a wife (48). They received a 6 month visa to go to Mexico. The wife left Cuba in March of 2011 and the husband left in April. The wife worked in accounting in Cuba, where she received a lot of recognition for her work. She could have kept her job in Mexico. However her plans were to come to the USA. The husband worked as a taxi driver and truck driver in Cuba, and then as a truck driver in Mexico. The wife’s mother, brother and nephew are still in Cuba. She also has a son who lives in Miami. The Husband has a daughter in Phoenix. He has two brothers who are still in Cuba. While in Mexico the wife worked in a clothing store. While they were in Mexico they also started exercising and walking twice a day, and they really enjoy it. They plan to work and exercise while they are in Phoenix. They are both taking English classes at Rio Salado.

Cuban FlagThe last family we will visit is also from Cuba. The family consists of a husband (50) and a wife (30). They fled to Ecuador initially, where the wife had two jobs. She was working at a hotel in housekeeping and also working at a gas station. The husband was a truck driver. Then they went to Colombia. Their next stop was Panama. In Panama they were imprisoned for three days because of immigration reasons. After they left Panama, they fled to Mexico where they turned themselves in to the government for 18 days to wait for immigration paperwork from Cuba. Their next stop was Texas for 2 days, and finally, they arrived in Phoenix. The wife studied economics and did taxes in Cuba, and the husband was a truck driver. The husband has some family in Phoenix. They are very excited to be here and are willing to take any job offered.



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