August 3, 2011

Bhutanese FlagThis week’s first family consists of a mother, father, and two daughters ages 15 and two. The family has only been in the United States for one month. The parents are from Bhutan, but were forced to leave due to persecution from the government. They fled with their families to a refugee camp in Nepal where they stayed for about 20 years. The parents met and were married in the camp and the children were born there as well. The father was able to do construction work in the camp. They have family in Arizona, but also left a brother behind in Nepal. The family is very happy to be in America.

Cuban FlagThe second family is a mother, her 17 year old son, and 11 year old daughter from Cuba. The family left Cuba seven years ago and moved to the Dominican Republic. The family then moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States. The mother wanted to leave Cuba because of the economic hardships in the country, particularly while raising children. The mother left a younger brother in Cuba whom she has been able to contact. In the Dominican Republic, the mother worked as a secretary and is hoping to find work here soon. In a few weeks the children will be starting school. The family is happy to be in America and has already made friends with other Cuban families living nearby.

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