August 3,2013

Central African RepublicOne person we will visit is a young man from the Central African Republic. He came to the United States in March, and has been living with a cousin since his arrival. His cousin and her family moved to California in early July, and he has been on his own in his new apartment since they left Arizona. He left his country in 2011. His father worked for the army in the Central African Republic. His father warned him to leave the country after his brother was killed. This young man’s father went to Cameroon, while he went to Italy via Ethiopia. His mother, his sister, and his nieces and
nephews remain in Central African Republic. This young man speaks French
fluently and speaks English well. He is employed, but is looking for a job
where he can use the degree in IT that he attained while in Central African
Republic. He has made some friends here in Phoenix, and should have a bright
future in his new home.

Iraqi FlagAnother person we will visit is a woman from Iraq. She joined her aunt and her sister in Phoenix, and she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of another sister from Iraq next month. This young woman arrived in the United States at the end of May after spending two years in Jordan. She worked cleaning office buildings in Iraq. She fled Iraq in 2011 after her church was bombed. She feared for her life in Iraq because she is a practicing Christian. She is enjoying living here and the feeling of being safe here with her family.

This delivery will be on July 31, 2013.

Iraqi FlagWe will visit a family comprised of two sisters. They are reuniting in Phoenix with a brother who has lived here for four years with his family. Although they arrived in the United States in mid-June, the women only moved into their own apartment two weeks ago. These women fled Iraq due to the violence and unrest in their country. They spent fifteen months in Turkey before they travelled to the United States. They are happy to be in the United States, with their family, and to be safe from harm.


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