No Welcomes/Deliveries – But We Are Sharing a Truckload of Bikes with the Congolese Refugee Community of Phoenix

Family Bios: December 28, 2019

We’ll meet a family from Afghanistan who arrived just a few weeks ago. They fled harsh, wartime conditions in their home country, first to Iran, then Turkey. They have been away from Afghanistan for at least 7 years. The family includes a husband, wife, 9 year old son and 5 year old daughter. The children have started school. The family is learning English together.

We’ll also meet a family from Burma who first fled persecution to Malaysia. They have been in USA for 4 months. The family includes a husband, wife and 4 year old daughter. The husband was a welder in Malaysia. He has already found work here tending to golf courses. The daughter is not yet in school. The family speaks a unique, regional language, Lai, but is learning English quickly.

And we’ll meet a family from Democratic Republic of Congo that includes an emerging soccer star. The family includes three generations. A mom, her 23 year old daughter, her three sons (20, 20 and 22) and her 2 grandchildren. They arrived to USA in August 2019. We’ll learn more about the family, including soccer prowess, when we meet them on Saturday.

Family Bios: December 14, 2019

We will meet a family from Afghanistan who has only been in the United States for a few weeks. They include a husband and wife and their four children (girls 9 and 5, boys 3 and 3 months. They are lucky that the husband’s brother and family live nearby. The husband has an expertise in IT and is pursuing such jobs.  He worked in IT related jobs in Afghanistan before life became too dangerous for him to continue his employment.  The family is fast learning English very happy to be here and safe.. They look forward to our visit.

We will need a second family, a single mom and her five children. We will learn more about this family during our visit.

Family Bios: November 16, 2019 (morning)

We will visit two families, both from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One couple fled as children with their families and later met in refugee camp in Nairobi, Kenya. They now have two sons (ages 3 and 16) and four daughters (ages 4, 10, 14, 17) of their own.  They managed to live away from refugee camp in Kenya, both working in clothing sales. The family has been in the USA for only two months. The children are in school and doing well. The parents are actively seeking employment. And their English is improving,  with practice, every day!  They look forward to greeting our volunteers and practicing their English.

The second family arrived from Uganda. The couple are both from DRC, having escaped war along with their families as children.  They met and married in camp and now have seven children, age 3 to 17. They arrived to the United States in September 2019.  Their very first goal is to secure employment. We look forward to meeting this family on Saturday.

Family Bios: October 19, 2019 (afternoon)

We’ll meet a couple from Afghanistan and their three young children. The husband, fluent in English, worked with US military on some of the most dangerous of missions. Because of this association, he and his family were in constant risk of danger and the US moved them to safety and out of Afghanistan. His eldest daughter wants to be a doctor and his son wants to be an engineer.  The family is working hard to know English. The husband has already found work after only a few weeks in our country.

And we will meet a couple from Afghanistan who will join their children here in Phoenix. The husband is a film maker and the wife worked with a US company based in Afghanistan. They arrived only weeks ago along with their youngest son. The family is very happy to all be united again.

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