December 10, 2011

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit consists of a single 21 year old man who arrived from Iraq in July and is living with his sister and her family. In Iraq he worked laying tile at the airport. On his way home from work, he was stopped, questioned and told not to go back to airport. For his safety he left Iraq for Turkey and eventually arrived in the U.S. He would like to work with tile again, but says he has back pain that needs to be taken care of first. His sister arrived about 10 months ago and lives with her husband and three children: a daughter (2) and two sons (4 and 5). Her husband worked for the Iraqi army and was kidnapped and tortured for 20 days. He escaped and left Iraq with his family at that time. They are happy to be here and are settling in. The 5 year old boy attends school.

Iraqi FlagOur second visit will be to a single woman (55) from Iraq. She arrived in July and is living with her 26-year-old brother. She was not given any furniture, so her brother let her use the bed and he sleeps on the floor. She worked as a housekeeper in Iraq and likes to sew. She loves plants and told us that in Iraq people usually have gardens—she misses her garden. She had some plants started in a glass of water and could use some pots to plant them in. She also told us she would be having hip surgery soon. Her brother worked in construction in Iraq and is currently working in a school. They are both motivated to learn English and want to live peacefully.

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