December 14, 2011

Burundian FlagDemocratic Republic of Congo flagThe first family we will visit is from Burundi and the Congo. The father is originally from Burundi but fled to the Congo in 1972. There he met his wife and they had three children. In 1998, because of war, they fled the Congo for Tanzania. They lived in a refugee camp there. During that time they had six more children. They lived in a hut made of branches with a plastic sheet for a roof. They arrived in Phoenix in January 2010. This past January (2011) they had another son. They now have foursons (20, 18, 4, 11 months) and 6 daughters (14, 13,10, 8, 6, 2). The father speaks French.

Eritrean FlagThe second residence we will visit consists of two young unrelated males from Eritrea. The first male spent four years in an Ethiopian Refugee camp after being uprooted and forced to join the national Army. In Eritrea men could be forced into the Army for life. This young man has only studied up to the 7th grade level and does not have English language skills yet. However, he expressed a strong desire to gain an education and get a job. He has some vocational education in shoemaking. The second male also came from Eritrea and wanted to leave for the same reason—not wanting to be a soldier or fight. He was in a Refugee camp in Ethiopia for eight years. The education he received in Ethiopia is the equivalent to finishing high school in the states. He said he wants to live in a place where he has freedom, choice and where he will not be forced to fight.

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