December 19, 2015

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg  Our first family is an active family who came to the US from the Congo. This single mom with four high energy boys and two daughters has her hands full! The oldest daughter (age 17) is of great help in managing her younger siblings who range in age from 1-13, including a set of twins! When the family first came to the United States they stayed in Kentucky for five months.  The mother was involved in a traffic accident in Kentucky. She was hospitalized and is still recovering from her severe injuries. She hopes to have her brother and niece join her in the United States. They remain in the refugee camp where she spent sixteen years. Her dream is to become self-sufficient and to raise her children in a place where they have an opportunity to live in peace and to succeed. Once she recovers from her injurie she will be pursuing opportunities in housekeeping.

    The next family we will welcome consists of a happy couple who moved to the United States from Namibia. They feel very blessed to be in the US. The husband worked as an electrician in Namibia, and he has found employment in a restaurant in Arizona. The couple speak both French and English, which has made their transition to the US fairly easy. They regret that Namibia did not have opportunities to work and build an independent life. The wife remembers the seasonal devastation from the floods lowed heavy rains in their home country. She misses her mother, father and sisters who remain in the refugee camp where she lived for four years. Her husband lived in the camp for seven years. The wife hopes her family can join them in the United States in the future. The wife is currently seeking employment.

    The third household we will visit consists of two brothers, who are siblings of the wife in the previous family group. They are also from Namibia. The brothers enjoy sports and have found employment as electricians. They are very happy to be in America, where they wake up each day to the opportunity of employment in a safe living situation. They are enjoying their new life in Arizona.


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