December 28, 2013

Iraqi FlagOne family we will visit is from Iraq. The family consists of a father (32), mother (26) and a daughter who is four years old. The family arrived in Las Vegas on November 18th because of an error. They were redirected to Phoenix and arrived here on November 21st. The father worked for the US government in Iraq for five years. He worked in the communications field. Unfortunately he went through a check point with a badge in his pocket which identified him as someone who worked with the US government. At that point he was kidnapped and had to pay to be released. He left Iraq soon after. All of their remaining family is still in Iraq and are not safe. They are hoping the rest of their family will be able to join them soon. The dad worked as a computer engineer and the mother worked at a call center doing customer service. They are very happy to be safe in the United States.

Cuban FlagAnother family we will visit consists of two roommates who are from Cuba. Each first settled in New York, which is where they met. The female roommate arrived in Miami by boat, and then lived in New York for two months. She has been in Arizona for one month and she loves it here. She has worked as a massage therapist in sports medicine. The male roommate had a longer journey to get here. He stopped in multiple countries and states. He decided to join his roommate in Arizona. He has only been here for a short time. They are both very excited to start a new life in Arizona.


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