December 6, 2014

One family we will visit consists of a 60 year old woman and her daughter from Iraq. They left Iraq due to threats against their family.  The woman had to leave her husband in Iraq. He was injured, which left him paralyzed and unable to travel. The woman arrived in Phoenix on September 12th 2014.  She worked as a translator for a doctor. In 1997 her brother was killed. She has twin daughters, one of whom lives with her in Phoenix. The daughter is currently employed. The other daughter lives in Iraq with her husband. The mother would like to improve her ability to speak English. She plans to return to work here in America.

A second family we will visit is a family of five from Somalia. The family lived in a refugee camp inEthiopia for six years. The family arrived in the United States on September 8th of this year. The family has three daughters (ages 8, 6, and 4). The two older daughters attend school and the younger one will be starting kindergarten.  The mother left Somalia in 1990 due to the civil war. She would like to complete her education once she learns how to speak English. She would also like to start working and is willing to accept any type of work. The gentleman of the home was shot and has health issues. He worked as a tailor in the past. He would like to return to that line of work after he has surgery on December 8th to remove a bullet.

The third family consists of a husband and wife. They came to America from Thailand. They left Thailand because life was very difficult there. The family arrived in the United States on September 10th 2014. The husband worked in a CD shop and loves music. He would like to attend college to study computer hardware and software. He would like to work in the computer field eventually. The wife speaks English but the husband still needs to learn it. The wife is working part time. The husband’s parents still live in Burma.


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