December 8, 2013

Burundian FlagOne family we will visit is a young woman (age 22) and her fiancé (age 37) who are from Burundi. The woman arrived on a visa to be with her fiancé. She decided to seek asylum status. The young woman is a bit timid. The young couple has a roommate (age 28) who is also from Burundi. Both the young gentleman and his roommate have been here for some time.

Iraqi FlagAnother family we will visit is from Iraq. The family consists of a single mother (age 34) and her two daughters who are seventeen and fourteen years old. They fled Iraq for religious reason in September of 2011. They first fled to Jordan. Life in Jordan was hard because they were unable to work. They arrived in Arizona on the 19th of November. The mom has a sister who has been living in phoenix for one year. The mother worked as a hairdresser in Iraq. They have been in Phoenix for a short time, and are adjusting to their new life here.

Burmese FlagA third family to whom we will deliver household goods and personal items is from Burma. The family consists of a single father (age 47), and his two sons who are fourteen and seventeen years old. The seventeen year old arrived in Phoenix recently. He just joined the family in October. He had been living in Burma with his grandfather and older sister when the rest of his family emigrated. This father lost his wife in Burma. He is also going to petition for his older daughter to come to Arizona. The father is employed with a Marble company and both boys attend school.




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