Deliveries: Dec 31, 2016


Our first family comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, consisting of a mother, her two daughters and three sons.  She fled DRC with her family 20 years ago when she was a teenager.  Her family were farmers, and she worked as a maid and cook in the refugee camp in Tanzania in order to help her family and to then support her own children.  All of the children were born in the camp.  They arrived to the US in the late summer, and all children are now enrolled in school and learning English quickly.  The family is excited to be in America and make it their first real home. 


Our second family is from Cuba, consisting of a husband and wife.  The husband is a lawyer and the wife is a physician.  They fled Cuba, due to poor living conditions and food scarcity due to government corruption. They fled to Brazil where they stayed until arriving to Phoenix late November.  They are excited about the opportunities available in America and are looking forward to the rewards of living in a free society.


Our third family is a young man from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  He fled to Rwanda first, then Kenya.  He was able to finish 2 years of High School during his 2 years in Rwanda, and then spent 3 years in Kenya where he worked as a barber, before arriving to Phoenix in October.  His goal is to find a job, finish High School, and then attend college.  He learned English while in Kenya through listening to the radio and watching movies, and he speaks it well.  His older sister was resettled to America previously and is settled, he is living with her and she is helping in his integration.


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