Deliveries Feb 11, 2017


Our first family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), consisting of a mother, her 6 children, and their grandfather. They worked as maize farmers in DRC.  The grandmother and uncle were killed during the civil war in DRC and the family fled to Uganda, where they lived in a refugee camp for 12 years, 4 of the children were born in the camp.  Their father left the camp with another woman and lives in Tennessee.  They arrived in Phoenix 3 months ago and the children are enrolled in school.  The mother is learning English and hopes to find a job soon.


Our second family is from Iraq, consisting of a father, mother and their young daughter.  The father worked in a restaurant in Iraq, and the mother was a homemaker.  They fled Iraq 3 years ago due to the ongoing violence and stayed in Turkey, where the father was able to work as a waiter until they were resettled to Phoenix almost 3 months ago.  They are learning English quickly, the father and mother have already begun working and hope to save enough money to buy a car soon.  The young daughter is very talkative and friendly and attends a preschool.  They are very grateful to be in America.


Our third family is also from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), consisting of a mother and her 3 children.  The mother left DRC with 3 of her children 11 years ago and stayed in a refugee camp in Uganda.  She met a man in the refugee camp who helped protect and provide for them, and they had one child together who was born in the camp.  They arrived in Phoenix 4 years ago, but the father of the youngest child was not able to come with them to Arizona because they were not married and he is not a refugee.  The oldest daughter is currently working, the two middle children are attending school and the youngest stays home with mom but will begin school next Fall.  Mom has some health issues she is being treated for before she is able to work.  They are all very happy to be in America.









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