Deliveries: Feb 4, 2017


All 3 of our families this week are from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our first family consists of a grandmother, her son and her granddaughter.  17 years ago, when the son was very young, the father was killed, so the mother, and her 2 of her 3 sons fled to Uganda where they stayed in a refugee camp.  The 3rd son and his wife stayed in DRC but were later killed as well and their young daughter is now being cared for by her uncle and grandmother.  The other son was resettled to Phoenix at the same time with his own wife and young child.  They all arrived in Phoenix 3 months ago.  The granddaughter is enrolled in school and enjoying it.  She is learning English quickly and has made a few friends.  The son is not yet working, but is eagerly looking for a job to help his family.  He dreams of becoming a doctor later so that he can go back to Africa and help other refugees and to provide a good life for his niece.  The family’s favorite thing about America is the ability to have housing and to live safely, and also pizza!

Our second family consists of a mother, her adult twin daughters, adult son, and 2 young grandsons.  They arrived in Phoenix 2.5 months ago.

Our third family consists of a husband, wife, and their 7 children.  The mother and father left DRC over 20 years ago, fled to Uganda where they stayed in a refugee camp.  All of the children were born in the camp, where they were able to complete elementary school through a UNICEF program in the camp.  The parents both grew up in rural farming families in DRC and continued to farm once in Uganda.  They arrived in Phoenix 3 months ago, and the husband is working at a car rental company, washing and detailing cars; the mother and daughter are still looking for work with the help of their resettlement agency.  The rest of the children are enrolled in school and enjoying it.  The adult doctor dreams of becoming a doctor.  The parents dream of buying a car and house someday.


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