Deliveries: Jan 21, 2017

We will be welcoming 5 families this week, during a morning and afternoon delivery.

Delivery #1:


Our first family is from Iraq, consisting of a father, mother and their 3 children.  The father worked as a chef for an American company both prior to and during the war.  When ISIS took control of their area of Iraq, they had to stay in hiding for several years due to their involvement with an American company and their Christian faith.  The family eventually was able to escape to Jordan and live in relative safety until they were approved to come to the US 3 months ago.  They have extended family already living in the US and the children are enrolled in school and doing well in their studies.  The family feels blessed to be safe in our country and able to freely practice their faith without fear of harm.


Our second family is also from Iraq, consisiting of a father, mother, their adult daughter, a teenage son and young daughter.  Their other 2 adult sons are awaiting approval for US resettlement, while living in Finland and Iraq.  The father worked as a truck driver in Iraq and described his life pre-ISIS as being very good.  Once ISIS took over their area of Iraq the family’s wellbeing was disrupted and they lived in fear for many years before they were able to flee to Turkey and then Jordan.  They arrived to America 2 months ago.  They feel very fortunate to have made their way to safety in the US and want to work hard and be successful in their new country.  The younger children are awaiting school enrollment, but are looking forward to it, and the parents hope to be reunited with their other children soon.


Our third family comes from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) consisting of a father and his pre-teen son.  The father fled DRC 20 years ago when he was a young teenager, after his entire family was killed and a cousin helped rescue him and bring him to a camp in Tanzania.  The father was able to work in the camp carrying water for the aid workers and camp’s residents.  The son was born and has lived his entire life in the refugee camp.  The father is pleased that his long journey has led him here,  is thankful for the safety provided by the US, and is grateful for the opportunities now available to his son.


Delivery #2:

syrian flag

Our first family is from Syria, consisting of a father, mother, three daughters and one son, ranging in age from 4-17.  In Syria the father owned his own company that made machine parts and knick knacks.  They fled Syria 5 years ago and stayed in Jordan before coming to America less than one month ago.  The family is very happy to be in America, and start a new life in America with the emphasis of ensuring that their children will be well educated.  The children are awaiting school enrollment and the father is anxiously awaiting his social security card so that he can start working and provide a good life for his family.


Our second family is from Somalia, consisting of a mother, her 3 daughters, a grandmother and the mother’s brother.  They fled Somalia 13 years ago when the daughters were an infant, 1 year old and 2 year old, and lived in a camp in Kenya.  They described life in the camp as being very rough and they depended completely on the UN.  The children were able to attend school in the camp.  The family arrived in America 5 months ago and are all enrolled in school and enjoying it, with all of their favorite subject being English.  They view education as their pathway to success in America.  The daughters are learning English quickly and already speak Somali and Swahili as well.  The mother is studying English and her and her brother are looking for work with the assistance of their resettlement agency.  The mother dreams of her daughters attending college and having a good life in America.




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