Deliveries: March 11, 2017

Our first visit is a young man form Afghanistan. He fled Afghanistan with his family when he was only 7 years old. He and his family lived in Pakistan, until they were attacked when he was 15. He then went, by himself, to Indonesia where he applied for asylum; he left his parents and 3 younger brothers behind. After 3 years of vetting, he was accepted for resettlement in the USA and arrived a little over 2 weeks ago.  He taught himself English, despite never having been allowed to attend school either in Afghanistan or Pakistan. He is determined to make his life better, to work hard, and hopes one day to be reunited with this family here.

Our second family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The mother fled DRC  with her family when she was only 2 years old. She lived in a refugee camp in Uganda for 20 years, where she met her husband who had also fled DRC with his own family.  They had thier first child in the camp.  The family arrived in Phoenix in July, and 2 months later had another baby. The mother stays at home with the children and the father has secured work at the airport. They are grateful to be in America and are looking forward to a safe life with their children.

Our third family is also from DRC. The mother fled DRC in 2002 with her 7 children. They lived in a refugee camp in Uganda for 15 years.  While in the camp, 2 more children were born.  This family of 11 arrived in 3 different phases. The 2 oldest adult boys in their mid 20s came first in August 2016. They were followed by their mom and 6 more siblings (3 young adults, 2 teenagers, and one preteen) in December 2016. The oldest sister (late 20s) was the final member to arrive in February 2017. The mom and 3 of the older children have begun working. The 3 youngest children are happily in school for the first time in their lives. This family is very excited to be all together again in a safe place they can call home.  They are grateful for their safety and the ability for the children/younger siblings to obtain an education.