Deliveries: March 25, 2017

Our first family is from Cuba consisting of a father, mother and their 2 young children.  The husband was an economist in Cuba and the wife worked in shipping.  Despite their solid occupations, money and supplies were in short supply.  They left Cuba for the freedoms and economic opportunity that the U.S. offers for them and to secure a better future for their children.  The family made their way to Ecuador and then through Mexico before seeking asylum at the U.S. border.  The journey lasted weeks, parts of it on foot.  They arrived in the US in late December 2016.  They miss their families in Cuba but are appreciative of the help they have already received in our country.  The couple are hard at work at their new jobs and continue to improve their English skills so as to gain better employment.

Our second family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), including a father, mother, and their 3 young children.  The mother and father both left DRC as young children nearly 20 years ago and went to a refugee camp in Uganda, where they grew up and met each other.  All three children were born in the refugee camp.  The husband learned farming as a child in DRC.  The wife is a talented seamstress and was able to work and help the family in camp.  They were brought to the US almost 5 months ago.  The family feels very fortunate to be in our country and are feeling at home.  The wife has extended family nearby and the children have been reunited with their young cousins.  While the children are in school, the husband and wife are actively seeking employment through their resettlement agency.