Deliveries: March 4, 2017

Our first family is from Cuba, consisting of a husband and wife.  The husband was a computer engineer and the wife was a doctor.  They were sent to Venezuela through the Cuban Medical Program, a program through the Cuban government that forces medical professionals to work in other countries that trade with Cuba.  The medical professionals are treated as a commodity by the Cuban government to receive oil and minerals from other countries, and they often live and work in deplorable conditions in whatever country they are forced to go to.   They left Venezuela and went to Colombia before coming to the US less than a month ago.  They are attempting to transfer their credentials to the US so that they can work in their respective fields again, but are willing to take any job in the meantime, and are searching for work with the assistance of their resettlement agency.  They are very happy to be in America and the opportunity and quality of life they are now able to build for themselves.

Our second family is from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), consisting of a husband, wife, and their four sons ranging in age from preteen to infant.

Our third family is also from DRC, consisting of a mother and her 2 children, and their grandmother.