Kits & Drives

Would you like to assemble kits for refugee families? Here’s how!

1. Get to know our kits.

Check out our full kit list to see what our kits are composed of and how to assemble them: WTAP Kit List

Expect to spend about $10 to $20 making each kit.  Do any of the kits in particular inspire your group?

2. Check our current kit needs.

Kit needs change weekly, based on the number of families we serve and other donations we’ve received. To keep our donations balanced, please email to discuss current needs.

3. Confirm your plan with WTAP staff.

Before getting started, please email to confirm the kits you’d like to make (name of kit and estimated number). We also appreciate a heads up about your intended drop off date/time to ensure a staff member is in the office to greet you, and that we’ve cleared adequate space in the warehouse to store your donations.

What about donation drives?

We love those, too! If you’d rather donate items in large quantities rather than assembling kits of specific items, please email to let us know your thoughts.

Thanks so much!