Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Monetary Donations

Through the generous financial support of individuals and companies, WTAP is able to provide refugees with basic needs assistance that helps them rebuild their lives. We use your donations wisely and effectively to cover the costs of furnishing the homes of refugees, providing clothing, and organizing other cultural exchange programs.  Please consider supporting us today by donating online or completing the Donor Card:

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Donor Cards can be returned by mail to the address below or emailed to Operations.Director@WTAP.org – thank you for your support!

The Welcome to America Project 
1711 W. University Dr. #158
Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: 602-490-0088

WTAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Federal Tax ID# 80-0038343
State of Arizona QCO Code 20247

Check your workplace giving program! They may match your donation or contribute for your volunteer time. This is an easy way to increase your impact.

AZ Tax Credit for Donation to a Qualifying Charitable Organization!

Formerly the Working Poor tax credit, you can claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state taxes *(up to $800 filing jointly, $400 filing single). You don’t need to itemize, and you can claim this in addition to school credits. Talk to your accountant for more information.  

For a lot of us, $800 joint/$400 single is a lot to donate as a lump sum. Why not create a monthly payment plan, giving throughout the year?  You’ll be still be able to benefit from a great tax program, while making a substantial donation to an organization that makes big impact on refugees’ lives!

More information about donating to contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations can be found here.

Give Back While Doing Your Everyday Shopping!

There are several rewards programs that give a percentage of your purchase back to charity. Select WTAP as your designated charity when you shop through the following programs:



Business Sponsors

Becoming a WTAP partner is an opportunity to join a growing list of community-minded businesses that value diverse welcoming communities. Your in-kind donation, or cash donation is tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds will directly benefit refugees in Arizona. In return, businesses sponsoring our events or deliveries have valuable promotional opportunities, such as your logo on our website, printed materials, and delivery truck.

  1. See our list of current sponsors here.
  2. Contact us to become a Corporate Partner today.