Family Bios: April 14, 2018 (Morning Welcomes)

We will visit a couple and their 8-year-old son who arrived from Iraq a year and a half ago.  The father was as an electrician in Bagdad, working on large motors, installing cameras, and working on other large electrical equipment.  One day when leaving a shop, a bomb exploded badly injuring his leg.  Because he had a brother living in Arizona and a nephew in New York, they were allowed to come to America to receive medical care.  They left a lot of family in Iraq –  several brothers, sisters and parents – but are so happy to be in America.  They have been occupied with receiving medical care for the leg which eventually had to be amputated, but they have found the people here to be so kind and helpful.  They feel very safe and happy, and all they want is for their son to be educated and happy here in Arizona.


We’ll also visit a large family from Kurdistan. The father is 50 years old, he plays the tambour and sings.  Mom is 44 years old, she has some health issues for which she is seeing a doctor.  She likes plants and has some onions planted in a pot outside the apartment door.  They have six children, daughters ages 19, 17 and seven and sons ages 18, 14 and 9.  They arrived in Arizona last year, the younger children are in school and speak English well and translate for their parents.