Family Bios: April 16, 2016

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThe mother in the first family is originally from Afghanistan.  She left with her parents when she was five years old.  They lived in Iran for thirty years.  She married and had all her children in Iran.  From Iran, they spent 7 months in Romania and arrived one month ago in Arizona.  They have family in Afghanistan and Iran, but none here.  The language barrier has made things difficult for the children in school and for the mother to communicate.  The oldest son is 19 and wants to study and work evenings.  The two younger sons are 16 and six. The daughter is nine, all three are attending school.  The mother (age 35) hopes to find part-time work that is not heavy labor, due to back issues.


600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThe second family is also from Afghanistan originally.  They lived in Iran for 33 years where the father (age 46) and mother (age 35) met, married and had all their children.  Toward the end, life in Iran was difficult because jobs were hard to find.  The father worked in a bakery and later in construction to make ends meet.  The oldest son is 15 and speaks some English.  They have two daughters, ages nine and seven who attend school.  They also have a two year old son that is very curious and active and keeps his parents on their toes.  They currently have no other family members here and need to learn English.



800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThe third visit will be to a step-dad and step-son who are Cuban asylees.  This means they are able to work here and apply for residency if they are in good status.  Once they get permanent residency, they can apply for a petition to have family join them.  They left Cuba in search of a better life and arrived in Arizona on November, 2015.  The step-dad left his wife and 3 year old son in Cuba.  Both men just found employment working maintenance in an apartment complex and are looking forward to having family join them in future.

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