Family Bios: April 20, 2019

We will greet an Afghani father and son, now in his 20s. When they fled the Afghan Talib regime they spent six years in Indonesia before being resettled in Arizona this January. In Indonesia, the father worked at several jobs, including driving and baking. Here, both have already found jobs, and the son is part of a work/study program that will let him resume his education. The father told us that he could only take his eldest son out of Afghanistan, so this son has had to grow up without a mother. The rest of the family remains there: his wife, two daughters, and two sons. Although the process has begun to bring the rest of the family here, it could be several more years before they will be able to join their father and brother in the US.

We will also greet an 18 year old  Rohingya man who is settling into his very first apartment home.  We will learn more about him and his  journey when we visit.