Family Bios: April 21, 2018


We’ll visit a 29 year old man from Eritrea.  He left his country 8 years ago due to the unstable political climate, an oppressive dictatorship and fear for his safety.  He fled to many refugee camps including Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt before finally staying at a camp in Israel for 7 years.  He arrived in the United States in early Feb. 2018.  He is looking for work here and getting established along with learning English.  He has previously worked in grocery stores and restaurants and hopes to find something similar here. He currently shares an apartment with another young refugee from Eritrea.


We’ll also visit a family of 7 from Damascus, Syria. They fled their home almost 4 years ago and journeyed to Jordan where the father found work painting cars.  Their home country was very unsafe due to the current war and they feared for their lives.  They arrived in June 2016 with their 4 children, (daughters now ages 5, 10 and 15) and son (now 17). The family just welcomed a newborn son just welcomed a son one month ago.  They feel very blessed he was born in the US. The older children are in school and very much enjoy it.  They are very relieved to be in the US where they feel safe.