Family Bios: April 22, 2017

One family we will visit came from Cuba.  The father, age 35, studied gastronomy.  He is very interested in working in the food and wine industry.  The mother, age 43, has a degree in economics and worked in a boutique in Cuba.  They made about $15.00 per month each in Cuba.  They left by plane on a tourist visa to Mexico and crossed the border through Nogales.  They were very worried about making the trip with their daughter, age 12.  The trip was hard but they made it safely.  They arrived in Arizona September of 2016.  The mother and father are working and the daughter is attending school.  The parents speak English well and attend English classes.


Another is two brothers who recently moved out of their sister’s apartment into their own.  They are originally from the Congo and arrived in Arizona in 2011 with their sister and her family.  Since their arrival, the younger brother has been attending school and will graduate from high school this year.  He plans on attending Phoenix College while he works.  He also loves to draw.  The older brother finished his high school degree online, is currently attending Phoenix College for a culinary degree and plans on going to ASU for a business degree.  He has had jobs at the airport and currently works at a Café.  The older brother speaks English very well and loves to answer questions.  He said: “I love questions because that means people are interested.”


The other family we will visit is a family of 11. This family arrived from Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015, but need a bit of extra assistance with so many kids. We look forward to visiting them and learning more about their interests.